Ducati Bellevue Reveals – Ducati Hyper Explorer 796 Adventure Bike

Due to be unveiled at the EuroMoto 2012 Motorcycle Show at the Lynnwood Convention Center on March 3-4, 2012 Ducati Bellevue has executed a concept that OWD toyed with a couple years back. What if you took the Ducati Hypermotard and transformed it into an adventure bike? Thus the Redmond, Washington shop, seeing a niche in the Ducati market that the flying-D and other’s have missed, has produced a mid-sized Ducati adventurer and made it available to the public.

Ducati Bellevue’s rational behind transforming the Hypermotard 796 into the Hyper Explorer 796 is straight forward:

  1. The engine in the Hypermotard 796 is a proven, low maintenance powerplant. It has all the features needed in a top class Adventure Bike, including Single Overhead Cam simplicity, 6-Speed, EFI with 80HP. And it’s fuel efficient (60+ MPG).
  2. The Hypermotard models are narrow, like dirt bikes, with outstanding handling and chassis dynamics.
  3. Standard cycle parts include double radial-mount Brembo front brakes, inverted front forks, a single-sided swingarm, light-weight wheels and ‘under the seat’ hidden exhaust for outstanding ground clearance.

The end result of this thinking is the Hyper Explorer 796 and a line of Adventure Bike accessories for the entire Hypermotard family:

  1. GIVI Trekker saddlebag mounting kit (GIVI does not have a kit for the Hypermotard models)
  2. A luggage rack to mount to the saddlebag mounting kit
  3. Skid-plate
  4. Oil-cooler guard
  5. An HID lighting kit

Completing the Hyper Explorer 796 package are:

  1. AVON Distanzia Dual Sport tires
  2. Fabbi windscreen
  3. Acerbis hand guards with turn signals
  4. Conventional (rather than folding bar-end) mirrors

From personal experience though, a couple refinements could take the Hyper-Explorer a step further. Ok, miles further in the case of the California Cycleworks HM69 Extended Range Hypermotard Fuel Tank and Continental Tires’ latest fitment of their definitive adventure tires, the TKC-80s, destined for Hypermotards and Multistradas as Ducatista get a chance to sample a world well beyond the pavement.

Ducati Bellevue is creating Hyper Explorer’s to order by building a new bike or accessorizing your current Hypermotard. So, conveniently, for those who want to hit the dirt on a Duc, current Ducati North America’s Freedom Road Financing applies to a new bike.

Hypermotard 796 – $10,299.00*
Hypermotard 1100Evo SP – $14,499*

Hyper Explorer accessory pricing (installation extra):

  • Ducati Bellevue GIVI bag mounting kit – $399.00
  • Ducati Bellevue Skid Plate – $399.00
  • Acerbis hand guards with LED signals – $169.00
  • GIVI Trekker Bags (pair) – $649.00
Ducati Bellevue Oil-Cooler Guard – $129.00
  • Cal. Cycle Works 6.3 Gal fuel tank – $799.00
  • Luggage Rack – $199.00
  • HID Driving Light Kit – $325.00

Truly, the Hyper Explorer 796 is an interesting proposition for those Ducatista who want to roam a little farther. For more details contact Ducati Bellevue.

* freight and preparation not included

OWD’s Early Efforts in Ducati Adventuring:

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