Triumph Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 Review: Cat Video

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The Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 are a direct attack on BMW’s F800GS Siegfried and R1200GS Roy, but the Triumphs are well capable of standing on their own merits. That raises another question, which big cat to take home? OneWheelDrive.Net puts the two Tigers to the test to find out, in our take on that standard internet meme – the cat video.
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7 thoughts on “Triumph Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 Review: Cat Video

  1. Love your video as usual…you seem to really love that 800XC…we though it was a great bike too except the gas mileage and the ABS set. On/off ABS needs a one button like the BMW. We decided to buy new 2013 BMW F8’s instead of the Triumph. A lot had to do with the fact we all ready owned Jesse Luggage that could go on the new F8 and save a ton of $$ that way. I also prefer the handlebar controls of the BMW. The road comfort of the 800XC beats the BMW but since they added the ESA and I got a custom seat made by Janice, SLIM…I think you guys know her….my F8 is just as comfy as the 800XC now. Both bikes rock just depends on which you a rider would prefer….

  2. Dear Author, great review, would you ever take either of these bikes on the Dempster? Tiger 800 or 1200 explorer?

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