CCM 450i Adventure

IMG_0400Remember when the Dakar rules changed? We hoped for a trickle down of small displacement adventure bikes? That never happened. Bucking the trend of bigger and less wieldy, meet the CCM 450i Adventure, which broke cover at NEC in Birmingham this winter. No doubt, it has potential, thanks to the credibility of Rally-Raid Products UK, a company well know of their KTM 690 Enduro R parts.

The bike is based around a BMW-supplied powerplant, fuel injection and air filter assembly, which is wrapped in a unique CCM designed, forged aluminum frame. That means the engine is technically a Kymco manufactured 450cc until, as found in the defunct BMW G450X. Extrapolating from the G450X’s specs riders can expect approximately 51hp, and approximately 32 ft.-lbs of torque.

There is a good dose of innovation and practicality on display too. The main rear moulded fuel tank, and the front left side moulded fuel tanks will hold 17 liters of fuel. The right front fuel tank however is a dummy containing the air filter, for easy access. Though that begs questions about the bike’s balance as the fuel is consumed.

IMG_0403Front suspension duties will be handled by 48mm forks. While the rear shock is an electronically adjustable unit from Tractive, the merry collection of boffins who left WP to start their own suspension company, and supplier of Tourtech’s new adventure units. A switch unit between the seat and the bars allows on the fly adjustment of preload for luggage weight and riding conditions.

The resurrection of the British CCM mark, isn’t just a Kymco rebranding effort. Rally-Raid Products UK have been involved with this project for a year creating development parts. Given the quality of the UK companies aftermarket KTM offerings and (if the name didn’t give it away) extensive rally experience, that’s a vote of confidence for the Kymco based bike.

According to the Rally Raid blog, the UK market can expect trail/supermoto and adventure versions of the CCM in autumn of 2013.

More details and pics at Rally Raid UK blog.

4 thoughts on “CCM 450i Adventure

  1. Lets hope the service intervals have been extended otherwise it will be another flash in the pan like the BMW G450X!

  2. I received an email from the canadian import of CCM motorcycles and this is what the email said:

    Good day Steven,

    We are closely working with CCM to gain Canadian certification. We are hoping to be able to offer an early release of 2014 models later this riding season. Our intentions are to keep the same MSRP as our UK counterparts which converts to $11,000 cad. With the popularity of this bike we are only currently allotted 18 units, we are expecting to sell out and once we have a delivery date we will be taking deposits. Please keep an eye on our website for any updates in the future months.

    Michael Wells
    Motorsports Canada

    That being said i like the idea of this bike, yet i am wondering if it is worth the 11 grand price tag? i guess we will have to wait and see

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