2013 BMW R1200GS Telelever Recall

Transport Canada has issued a third recall for BMW‘s new liquid cooled R1200GS. According to the government agency, the threaded plugs securing the fork tubes to the upper triple clamp may loosen over time on some units, causing a fork tube to detach. This would pose a serious crash hazard.

According to MotorradOnline.de, the issue was discovered during BMW’s internal testing, after a GS was put through 60,000 km on the test bench. As a solution, BMW Dealers will crimp-lock the fork tubes’ threaded plugs, creating a more secure connection.

This third issue, affecting 54 Canadian units, joins a potential transmission oil leak risk and a problem with the traction control software in tarnishing the latest GS’s reputation. And, add consumer concern around the bike following the fatal press launch crash of British journalist Kevin Ash.

Recall #: 2013073

Models Involved: 2013 BMW R1200GS

Number of Vehicles: 54

Problem: On certain motorcycles, the threaded plugs which secures the front fork tubes to the upper triple clamp may loosen over time. This could allow a fork tube to detach, which could result in a sudden loss of steering control and a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury.

Correction:  Dealers will crimp-lock the fork tube threaded plugs.

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