Fri, 27/03/15 – 11:42 | Comment

UK-based Rally Raid Products designed and manufactures the CB-X Adventure kit, a suite of components that upgrade the stock Honda CB500X to an affordable, reliable, dirt capable, globe-crossing adventure touring motorcycle.

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ContiForce MAX Reviewed – Meh
Monday, 6 Dec, 2004 – 12:53 | One Comment

Continental bills the ContiForce Max as a high-grip, lower-priced alternative to the competition’s offerings.  The ContiForce Max is dubbed as being suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles; 600 and 750 …

2004 Suzuki V-Strom DL 650 – The Seductive Whiff of Adventure
Monday, 15 Nov, 2004 – 20:38 | One Comment
2004 Suzuki V-Strom DL 650

The smell of pine and mud hangs in the warm late summer evening air, south of Manning Park on Highway 3.  It’s a perfect motorcycling moment… that falters the moment you realize the smell of …

Silver Dawn
Wednesday, 10 Nov, 2004 – 11:44 | Comment

There are rods for our backs and for our eyes, and cones for smoking and seeing. Rods distinguish shapes, cones determine colour. In the hour before dawn the rods rule – there are shapes without …

Honda ST1300 – Dropping the Hammer with the Big Blue Meanie
Tuesday, 12 Oct, 2004 – 21:22 | Comment

When we first tested Honda’s ST1300 we came away wondering just where the sport in big red’s Sport-Tourer resided.  Was it optional?  Had the dealer forgotten to put it in the ample left-hand glove box?  So …

Moto Art – Beautiful Precision
Saturday, 2 Oct, 2004 – 12:58 | Comment

Vancouverite Thierry Tanguy’s Moto Art brings something new to the motorcycle enthusiast, shots of beautiful precision that take the mechanical design elements of both present day and historic motorcycles and elevates them into the realm …

The System 2 Widder Vest – Trick
Friday, 17 Sep, 2004 – 14:57 | Comment
The System 2 Widder Vest - Trick

It’s 35 degrees Celsius (95F) out and San Diego is in the grip of a heat wave as we ride through, on a spring tour, which makes it a very odd time to look over …

2004 Suzuki Burgman AN-400: Hello Kitty, Goodbye Dignity
Thursday, 9 Sep, 2004 – 13:30 | Comment
2004 Suzuki Burgman AN-400

I wind the throttle wide open as I round the corner, leaning my shoulders off for all I’m worth. The bike bucks and wallows a bit under me as I catch a compression bump, …

The NCR Millona – Quicksilver Beauty at a Standstill
Wednesday, 18 Aug, 2004 – 2:18 | One Comment
The NCR Millona - Quicksilver Beauty at a Standstill

It’s sublime. Even standing still it has the look of mercury in motion. At its heart a Ducati engine, the 1000 DS to be precise, the same engine that motivates the Multi-Strada, and …

Ducati 999 – Learning Curve
Tuesday, 17 Aug, 2004 – 0:45 | Comment
Ducati 999 - Learning Curve

I’m getting to live a dream, and at the moment it doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because when I last looked I was going 270kph down the front straightaway of Portland International Raceway.  And I, being a …

DNW2004 – A Day of Pompone and House
Monday, 16 Aug, 2004 – 2:07 | Comment

Dance and house music pump out across the vendor area, and in that alone you know this is a different type of motorcycle gathering.  Then, it starts, what was house is given a new beat, …

2004 Ducati 999 – Hello God… Can I Borrow Your Bike?
Tuesday, 3 Aug, 2004 – 21:23 | Comment

I’ve just been through a series of corners on the Ducati 999, and I’m searching for words to describe it; heady, exhilarating, enthusiastic, invigorating, enlivening and inspired all leap to mind. Then I hit on …

Suzuki 2004 GSX-R 750-Put Lightning in a Beer Can, Add a Hornet, and Shake
Tuesday, 20 Jul, 2004 – 20:56 | Comment
2004 Suzuki 2004 GSX-R 750

I’ve just hit 10,000 RPM and the GSX-R 750 has gone all Mr. Hyde on me.  It’s gone from a pleasant pull to this blaring, manic, mad, howling kind of savage.  Now this can also …

Road Fitness
Monday, 12 Jul, 2004 – 18:30 | Comment
Editor Neil Johnston

There is the crunch of gravel under rubber, but this time it’s different.  I’m travelling under my own power and the rubber… it’s the sole of my runners and not a front tire as you …

2004 Honda VT750 Shadow Aero – Classic Analog Sense in a Digital World
Monday, 28 Jun, 2004 – 20:01 | 2 Comments

The bike is sitting there in the parking lot, purring to itself in a quiet manner foreign to most big twins. Which is fair enough, because at 750cc the Honda Shadow Aero isn’t exactly …

Thunder and Lightning – the Buell XB12S and XB9S
Monday, 7 Jun, 2004 – 19:33 | Comment
2004 Buell XB12S and XB9S - Thunder and Lightning

The fuel injection light flicks off giving me the OK to fire up the Buell XB12S Lightning.  I thumb the ignition button and it shudders to life.  Which answers the first question people ask about …

Shieldsak – Spare Shield Holster – Trick!
Friday, 28 May, 2004 – 12:49 | Comment

Sometimes I get the munchies, and those munchies demand to be satisfied. Every now and then it’s french fries I fancy. Occasionally it’s chips. Quite often I crave chocolate. More recently I find my stomach …

2004 BMW R1200GS – Taking the Streets
Tuesday, 11 May, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment

Who am I to turn down the offer to ride the newest BMW offering, the ground-up reworking of the GS theme, the R1200GS.  Especially when that offer involves cavorting about the streets of San Francisco …

R1200GS – Beautifully Teutonic or Ungainly?
Saturday, 24 Apr, 2004 – 12:43 | Comment

I was jazzed at the opportunity to test the new 2005 BMW R 1200 GS, but not particularly impressed by the choice of venue: Las Vegas.  I don’t really gamble and have a hard time …