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AltRider’s Hoh Adventure Ride offers attendees a unique mix new adventure rider friendly forest service roads and dual track in a uniquely northwest location, a rainforest.

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OWD Roadshow: Ridge Crest to Las Vegas
Monday, 19 Apr, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment
5-o'clock Bob decends from Dante's View

130 mph is indicated on the speedo as the bikes shoot arrow-straight across Death Valley’s floor. The road may be linear in direction but the warning signs of dips are not to be disregarded. …

OWD Roadshow: Buttonwillow to Ridge Crest
Sunday, 18 Apr, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment

It’s 0 Celsius, we’re navigating though the occasional bout of slush and the bikes are now thoroughly coated with sand, gravel, salt and road spray. I haven’t had time to plug in the heated …

OWD Roadshow: San Francisco to Button Willow
Saturday, 17 Apr, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment

It’s 7:20AM and we’re burning down the freeway with Evan Leung, OWD contributor and friend, in the lead. Our destination for the day is Buttonwillow, CA, but for the moment we’re more concerned with …

OWD Roadshow: The City by R1200GS
Friday, 16 Apr, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment

Life moves pretty fast in “the City”, or so I’ve concluded.  Charlie Rauseo is on the phone, aside from that little Paris-Dakar thing he attempted recently he’s been a contributor to OneWheelDrive.Net on a few …

OWD Roadshow: Streets of San Francisco
Thursday, 15 Apr, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment

It’s an all-out sprint… actually it’s more than that.  It’s an all-out chase, through traffic with lane splitting, in the dark, on fresh tires, at periodically baffling speeds, and the only thing it needs to …

OWD Roadshow: Vancouver to Ukiah and then Some
Wednesday, 14 Apr, 2004 – 0:00 | Comment

It’s dark out on the fourth day of the trip and we’re still riding.  It’s all part of a hastened “push” to reach Ukiah, California, but still night riding has its own charms.
Everything changes at …

Slushy, Slippy, Too-cold and Drippy
Friday, 9 Jan, 2004 – 18:42 | Comment

Rain? Or is that snow sticking to my visor? And what the hell am I doing here anyway? It’s 6:30am. It’s bloody cold. There’s slushy snow sticking to my helmet and I’m having difficulty making …